Plants have an outstanding effect on businesses today. Attracting new customers to your restaurant, cafe, pub or hotel is one of the ongoing, never-ending pursuit of managers and business owners to ensure that their outlets appeal to their customers.

As we all know, Once a customer has visited your outlet and had a good experience from the service you provide, that customer is very likely to return and might even help spread the word.

According to a recent study from SinglePlatform and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey,

84% of consumers are likely to look at more than one restaurant before choosing where to dine

Capturing the attention of potential new customers has a lot to do with how visually attractive your outlet is from the outside.  Your marketing could be the best in the world (and it needs to be!) but if the visual appearance of your restaurant is not good you could find that all those potential customers walk past your restaurant to one that looks more attractive down the road! So how to we make out outlet standout? Simple

Use plants to attract more customers


We would like to share some ideas with you or how plants can help attract more customers to your restaurant.  Below are some images of a few ways plants can be used to good effect and this might give you some ideas of how this could help you attract more customers to your restaurant.  You might also like to browse our image gallery for more ideas.